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Wireline Valve Closing Unit (WLV)

Portable Dual Wireline Valve Closing Unit (WLV) built by The Cypher Company, closing 3 times FASTER than similar models and The Cypher Company’s includes the following listed enhancements:

  • 24”L x 20”W x 23”H plus raised weld-neck fill and splash guard.
  • 2.5 Gallon Accumulator, 3,000 PSI max
  • 38:1 Pump Ratio Air/Hydraulic
  • Max air pressure 75 PSI
  • Max hydraulic pressure 2,850
  • Hydraulic tank reservoir 12 US gallon
  • Recommended for type #46 hydraulic oil
  • Welded raised neck hyd oil fill w/ strainer & lockable cap
  • Splash guard protecting hyd fill neck
  • Center tank cleanout hole
  • Hyd oil sight gauge w/ oil temp
  • 2″ tank sump w/ valve & drain hose
  • ½” air inlet to hyd pump
  • Coalescing ½” air filter – accessible
  • Y-strainer w/ SS screen – hyd pump suction accessible
  • Panel gauge w/ pump pressure
  • Adjustable pressure relief valve w/ dump to tank
  • Actuating hyd valves ported SAE thread
  • Air & hyd – all hose – no steel tubing
  • (Optional) – Tool trap open Adjustable 0-1000 PSI pressure reducer, 0-1500 pressure gauge liquid filled, (1) QD tool trap outlet, 1/4 turn valve to dump tool trap pressure to tank

Wireline Valve Closing Unit (WLV)