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About Cypher

Oil and Gas Products

The Cypher Company provides oil and gas products to both eastern and western regions of the United States including West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Utah.

Lubrication Equipment

  • Lincoln and Alemite authorized distributor and warranty repair center
  • Beka-Max triplex and quint grease systems for frac pumps
  • Lincoln Wireline 5-1 ratio oil transfer pumps
  • Lincoln diaphragm (chugger) pumps
  • Valtex high-pressure 10,000psi grease gun
  • Valtex grease in “sticks” or “drums”
  • Hose reels for all applications: Lincoln, Reelcraft, Hannay, Alemite
  • Cable grounding reels


Frac Sand & Dry Bulk Haulers

  • IVG material handling hose in 4” and 4.5” id
  • IVG hot air blower hose in 3” and 4”
  • BTI (Bulk Tank Inc.) Distributor
    • SAND HOG hopper tee
    • Siphonflow hopper tee
    • Black Maxx, MaxxLife, and AlloMaxx butterfly valves, handles and extensions
    • Aerators and aeration valves
    • Pressure relief valves and check valves
    • All-in-one couplers (clamps)
    • Dixon Valve and Coupling Distributor
      • Camlock fittings and adapters through 8”



  • High-pressure 15,000+ psi grease injection hose assemblies available in thermoplastic (Spirstar) and rubber
  • Spirstar product line
    • Autoclave, MNPT, JIC fittings and adapters
    • Ball valves
    • Needle valves
    • Check valves
    • Marsh connections (CQD-08-SET)
    • Marsh connection caps and plus in aluminum and 15k steel
    • Flowline and Iron products
      • Plug valves
      • Plug valve repair kits
      • Caps, plugs, hammer unions etc.
      • Pack-off pumps
      • Bridle hose assemblies
      • Ring gaskets
      • Drum lifters
      • (See lubrication equipment)
      • Lincoln



  • Crimping capabilities through 12” id hose
  • Frac hose 400psi wp hard or softwall crimped
  • Water suction/discharge through 12” id
  • Composite hose assemblies through 12” id
  • Chemical hose through 4” id
  • Cameron/Demco butterfly valves
  • Flowline/Iron products
    • Hammer unions, plug valves etc.
    • Steel pipe fittings through 8”
    • Victaulic clamps and adapters
    • Roper packing
    • Check valves, ball valves
    • Weldbend flanges and adapters through 8”
    • Hydraulic adapters
    • Camlock fittings (SS and Aluminum)
    • Pressure testing capabilities (Available Fall 2013)
      • Check Valves, Swivel Joints, Pup Joints, Relief Valves, Plug Valves etc.
      • Rebuild and inspection
      • Frac inspection
      • Iron tracking data services
      • Automatic lube system
        • CDI seals