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Automatic Lubrication

automatic_lubrication_mediumCypher has been designing and installing Lincoln automatic lubrication systems for the past 30 years. Our lubrication specialist, Joe Lamperski, worked for Lincoln for 35 years prior to joining The Cypher Company.

Installations have been completed on small stationary equipment with four lube points up to large pieces of mobile equipment with 30+ points of lubrication.  We install in your factory or at your jobsite. We also repair all types of grease pumps—Lincoln, Alemite, Grayco, Aro and more. Quick turnaround with free estimates.

To receive additional information or receive a quotation for your lubrication needs, please contact Joe Lamperski  via e-mail or via phone at 724-325-3900.

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Lincoln Industrial Automatic Lubrication Sytems